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They are responsible for creating and maintaining formal data structures, descriptions, and architectures. They identify the needs, system functionality, and business processes of the client to develop the data design. Additionally, they create specifications, develop data strategies, and implement data architecture. Furthermore, they analyze and implement new technologies into the IT infrastructure. Also, they use business requirements to identify, evaluate, and present design solutions to customer needs.

Support Engineer

Although my current work doesn’t require me to be hands on, I still enjoy and am good at writing code. There is added value when you can understand integration architect roles and responsibilities all of the different pieces of Anypoint Platform. Everything is similar, but different at the same time as each interface is unique.

integration architect roles and responsibilities

When listing skills on your integration architect resume, remember always to be honest about your level of ability. Candidates need to have knowledge of advanced technology in order to perform integration architect responsibilities effectively. They should be essentially adaptable and flexible with a potential to guide their assistants and perform multiple duties by using best of their knowledge and skills. Creating an integration architect job posting can seem overwhelming, but by following these frequently asked questions, you can craft an effective job post that attracts the right candidates. Check out the web designer average salary, job profiles, skills required, education qua…

Build an Application Integration Strategy

API architects should collaborate with development and cross-functional teams in Agile or DevOps organizations to stipulate the technical direction and approach for each API design and implementation. The architect must communicate technical and strategic insights into these digital services to business leaders and stakeholders and focus on the expected outcomes. And they must be comfortable in the limelight to deliver presentations to executives. Kyle Usher has more than five years of MuleSoft experience, is a MuleSoft Mentor, and a Sr.

  • An Integration Architect usually works full-time in an office environment.
  • In this role, Steve was responsible for more than 500 employees encompassing sales, pursuit, portfolio, and delivery.
  • These types of projects are typically functional in large sales companies that have unique systems.
  • The difference in salaries amounts to architectural consultants earning a $36,744 lower average salary than integration architects.
  • It’s worth mentioning that these official confirmations expire, and thus, the exams must be retaken every few years or so.
  • In addition, examinees must know how to plan, design, and manage the infrastructure and provide for its security and scalability.

Many API architects have a college degree in computer information systems, management information systems, electrical engineering or a related field. Some employers require a master’s degree, such as an MBA, for mid- and senior-level roles, such as API architect. Consider obtaining an application architecture certification, for example, in The Open Group Architecture Framework, also known as TOGAF. The API architect should play a leadership role in enterprise API management. They are responsible for complex, enterprise-wide projects that drive innovation and provide competitive advantages to the company’s products or services. They connect the dots between mission-critical web applications, which typically involve some mix of IaaS, PaaS and containers as a service.

Licensing Options:

After completion of undergraduate degree, aspirants have several options to lead their career path. After completion of 10+2, candidates are required to get themselves enrolled in undergraduate programmes. Aspirants who want to become an Integration Architect are required to complete 10+2 in physics, chemistry, mathematics or computer science with a minimum of 50 per cent of marks. Integration Architect job demands developing and participating in governance of Enterprise Architecture principles and frameworks. He or she analyses the impact of exceptions and its effect on future IT and enterprise goals.

The candidate’s in-depth mastery of cloud computing and solution architect’s certification requires special mention. The predominant providers grant experts the possibility to officially confirm their top-notch expertise, e.g. by obtaining AWS solution architect certification, Azure solution architect certification, etc. Such proficiency recognition necessitates a practical mastery of cloud engineering tools, principles, and systems.

Project Manager

However, this is my ideal team structure irrespective of the size of the project. Part time Jobs After 12th Commerce – There are various part time jobs after 12th commer… Check out the Service Delivery Manager jobs in India, Find what are the skills, educati… Learn How to Become a Management Consultant, Check what are the skills, educational qua…

integration architect roles and responsibilities

In general, architects in training earn the most working in the telecommunication industry, with an average salary of $85,691. The highest-paying industry for an integration architect is the hospitality industry. Architectural consultants make a very good living in the technology industry with an average annual salary of $110,423. On the other hand, integration architects are paid the highest salary in the hospitality industry, with average annual pay of $130,131. Gary Gardner is the Managing Director of Harvard Partners and an Information Technology executive with over 30 years of global Investment Management experience. He has a broad range of knowledge of Investment Management systems including investment research, portfolio management, trading, compliance, back office, CRM, and client reporting.

What is the job outlook for Integration Architect?

The developer then assess requirements of a module assigned and takes responsibility of delivering a pragmatic solution to it. They then hand over the completed solution to QA Team by deploying it on to the QA server and will fix any bugs reported by other IT staff. Our Company is looking for an experienced Integration Architect to join our team. The successful candidate will be responsible for designing and implementing integration solutions that ensure a seamless flow of data across various platforms and systems while meeting business needs. To write an effective integration architect job description, begin by listing detailed duties, responsibilities and expectations. We have included integration architect job description templates that you can modify and use.

integration architect roles and responsibilities

Integrations between applications help to streamline processes like payroll and accounting, for example. And, since enterprises definitely need CRM applications, payroll applications, human resources applications, ERP systems, etc. – it is imperative that these applications are able to work together. Lisa Brody is the Talent Operations Manager at Harvard Partners and her focus is on managing the recruiting practice. Lisa has over 30 years of experience in recruiting and talent acquisition. Jason Young is a Senior Technical Recruiter at Harvard Partners and has more than 13 years of experience in recruiting and talent acquisition.

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Then they try to isolate the fault by performing the routine checks as per their standard operating procedure and report it to the right team to get it fixed. Creating an Integration Architect job posting is a crucial step in finding the right candidate for your organization’s needs. By clearly outlining the key responsibilities, qualifications, and skills for the role, you can make sure that the right candidates apply to the role. Ensure that the job posting is complete and accurately describes the role’s requirements to find the best candidate for the job. The demand for Integration Architects is expected to increase. Career as  Integration Architect is responsible for integrating various systems and technologies into the whole.

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